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Tech Stack FAQs

What is a tech stack?

The broadest of the stack-related concepts is the tech stack. You’ll see it applied — often without much precision — to virtually any collection of software, as well as web platforms, programming languages, digital tools and applications, data sources, and/or vendor services that are used to achieve a … READ MORE

What is Tech Stack Management?

As the name implies, tech stack management aims to help companies build, evolve, and administer their stacks, whether they’re considered tech stacks, software stacks, or app stacks.

The goals of stack management include:

  • Identifying the multiple components that make up a stack
  • Assessing the need for and cost of each stack component
  • Evaluating new components (applications) to add to a stack
  • Understanding the user and data interactions … READ MORE

What is an app stack?

An application stack or “app stack” is a collection of related software programs or cloud-based tools and services that is visualized as a stack to help employees better understand their tools and assist … READ MORE

What is a MarTech Stack?

A marketing technology stack or “martech stack” is the collection of related applications and services that are used by members of a marketing team to perform their jobs. A typical martech stack includes tools to create and manage advertising campaigns, promote products over … READ MORE