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Technology Stack Examples

The AirStack team is constantly on the look out for inspiration to fine tune our tech stack – check out some of what’s top of mind for us below. We’ll be adding more and more all the time.

If you’ve got a tech stack you want to map out, knock it out in minutes on AirStack Slide. Or share it with us on Twitter and we’ll do it for you!

The Ultimate Content Marketing Stack

35 content marketing tools you’ve gotta have in your content marketing technology stack. Enjoy!

content marketing technology stack example

Marketo Technology Stack

We found a pic of Marketo’s tech ecosystem on Twitter from a marketing meetup group and rebuilt it for you on Slide. Definitely one of the larger marketing technology stacks we’ve seen. Check out Marketo’s tech ecosystem here.

marketo technology stack

Sales Development Tech Stack

Our friends at Tenbound Research Labs inspired us to put together a sales development tech stack. It’s insane how many tools there are now in categories like conversational intelligence. Check out our map of sales development tools here.

sales development tech stack

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