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About Your Tech Stack Chat

This is going to be awesome.

We’re excited to share your work, expertise and POV with the Airstack community.

Our goal here is to create peer-to-peer, exec-to-exec, learning and knowledge-sharing so we can all tackle the insanely fast paced world of technology and customer experience.

Keep that objective in mind as you consider how you’ll prepare for our Tech Stack Chat.


Interview Format

  • Zoom video call (recorded for most of it)
  • 5-10 minutes: Get to know you, prep for interview
  • 15-20 minutes (recorded): Interview, topics below
  • 5 minutes: Debrief, talk next steps


What to prepare in advance

1. A Point of View.

What’s the headline of your article? We’re happy to spin it up after, but if you come in with a vision we’ll shine a light on that vision.


2. Visuals (optional, but 1 or 2 recommended)

Tech stack diagram or automation chart (you can use Slide if you need to build one quickly)

  • What’s your stack for creating customer experiences and revenue?
  • What’s the tech stack that your company fits into, the landscape?

Thought leadership slides (1 or 2)

  • What are your tech visions of the future?

A great example of visuals is Jeff Marcoux’s tech stack chat.


Example questions

  • Tell us about your company and what you do
  • Where does your company fit into a tech stack or customer journey?
  • How does technology impact your role/how does your role impact technology?
  • Let’s talk about your tech stack and how it drives the business
  • Are there forward looking categories of tech you’re keeping an eye on and how will it disrupt your industry (AI, IoT, blockchain, for example)?
  • Is there an investment decision you’re particularly proud of or regret?
  • What advice do you have for others trying to scale their business with tech?


After the interview

  • We transcribe the video and edit to a blog post
  • Publish the video on YouTube and embedded in the blog
  • Share the article on social and to our email list

You can request to review and approve before we publish, or we’ll just share it with you when it’s live.