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Airstack for Operations

Business Operations teams require asset & tool costs or status on a daily basis

As an operations team, balancing the convenience of your SaaS applications low IT overhead and low OpEx costs with the challenge of tracking SaaS spend and efficiency across the entire organization is tricky.

Airstack gives operations teams full visibility into your entire Company’s SaaS subscriptions, usage, and billing / renewal information from one central dashboard.

Accurately budget and forecast SaaS spend.

Get accurate details on SaaS usage within your entire organization with a centralized hub of costs, billing frequency, renewal dates and app ownership.

Accelerate your analytics and reporting.

Discover the impact of your app subscriptions with up-to-date data on your SaaS usage and cost, making it easy to calculate ROI and eliminate underperforming assets.

Manage your SaaS licenses with ease.

Control your app expenses with visibility into when each license is up for renewal so you can eliminate unused subscriptions before getting hit with another bill.

Gain visibility into your software licenses and subscriptions. 

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