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Airstack for Marketing

Marketing teams are using more SaaS tools than ever before

When team members and lines of business operate in software silos, it’s easy to end up with duplicate, unused, or underutilized applications.

Airstack gives marketing teams visibility into the entire company’s SaaS portfolio, so you can integrate, collaborate, and get organized to drive better results.

Enhance collaboration across teams.

Get more out of your tool and app investment by discovering, categorizing, sharing and integrating all of the apps across your company.

Maximize your onboarding process.

Share best practices and streamline operations by documenting and storing SaaS subscription management data, employee training, links to reports, and video walkthroughs for each app. Save time by helping employees self-serve and get up to speed.

Simplify training for new marketing team members and sales.

Make self-serve app and tool training easy by collecting training videos, documents and images on Airstack so your teams have what they need to become power users.

Easily manage your SaaS subscriptions.

Optimize your budget and minimize overspending by tracking your SaaS billing and renewals.

Drive more revenue with better software subscription visibility. 

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