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Airstack for IT & DevOps

Manage IT assets and SaaS subscription software across teams

SaaS visibility Is vital for IT & DevOps teams. When every employee can sign up for their own subscription without needing centralized IT oversight, the number of licenses and programs in use can quickly spiral out of control.

Managing app sprawl becomes a critical component of day to day operations.

Lower SaaS subscription costs

Get granular visibility into your app usage and make informed decisions on which subscriptions to keep and why. See how many active licenses you have per SaaS platform and eliminate duplicate subscriptions

Streamline operations and employee training

Share best practices and streamline operations by documenting and storing SaaS subscription management data, links to reports, and video walkthroughs for each app. For employee training, offer new-hires self-serve options to get up to speed.

Troubleshooting tasks

Support your employees and maintain their apps with shareable screen recording tools to facilitate troubleshooting. Store troubleshooting videos later use.

Take back control of your SaaS portfolio. 

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