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Airstack for Human Resources

Get Your Tools and Teams on the Same Page

The faster your new hires get up to speed, the better, which is why you do everything in your power to make onboarding systematized and streamlined.

Airstack puts all of the SaaS usage information in one place, so your new hires can log in and see at a glance which software they have access to, how to use it, and more.

Automate onboarding and offboarding.

Airstack shows your new hires all of the software available to them at a glance and makes access easy and streamlined.

Enable self-serve training.

With Airstack, employees can collect their favorite training resources in one place so new hires can quickly become masters of their tools.

Streamline Software Onboarding to Get Employees Up to Speed Faster

Airstack organizes all of your company’s SaaS licensing, usage, and training information into one easy-to-navigate interface so your new hires can get straight to work.

Get the Visibility You Need to Manage Your Organization’s SaaS Spend.

SaaS spend is quickly on the rise, but the more SaaS use grows in your organization, the harder it can be to connect the dots between monthly billing costs and the license holders.

Airstack helps you get on top of your company’s SaaS spend by putting all the information you need on one, tidy dashboard.


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