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Airstack for Finance

Easily account for the multitude of software apps your organization is using.

Airstack gives you visibility into the entire organization’s SaaS spend through a central dashboard showing all of the software your organization is using, when it’s set to renew, who owns the license, and how often they’re using it. .

Eliminate redundant SaaS licenses. 

Identify duplicate software licenses at a glance. Quickly eliminate the redundancies created when multiple employees purchase the same software instead of using available licenses.

Simplify expense reporting.

Airstack puts all of the license information, billing frequency, renewal dates, ownership and categorization in one place so you can run reports without having to dig through emails or track down employees.

Get the Visibility You Need to Manage Your Organization’s SaaS Spend.
SaaS spend is quickly on the rise, but the more SaaS use grows in your organization, the harder it can be to connect the dots between monthly billing costs and the license holders.

Airstack helps you get on top of your company’s SaaS spend by putting all the information you need on one, tidy dashboard.


Get your teams and tools on the same page.

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