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Stack Examples

Explore ways to organize and share apps across teams with Airstack.

Onboarding resources

Hiring new sales reps, developers or contractors? Quickly build a stack with everything they need from day one to day 90.

 Example tech stack showing logos from various sales development apps the sales team may use in an organization

Departmental collaboration tools

Get teams on the same page about what tools to use, how to get an account, deep links, processes, or compliance.

Example tech stack showing logos of departmental collaboration software tools

Daily tasks and workflow tools

Take employee efficiency to the next level with all the corporate and administrative tools they use daily. Give quick answers to questions like “How do I submit an expense report?”, “What’s our FedEx account?”, “Where do I submit an IT ticket?”, “How do I use the VPN?”

Example tech stack showing HR, Expense, and IT type tools managed within a business

Customer data sources

Document systems where customer data is stored. Attach links to common reports, integration diagrams, data schema files, data privacy rules and more.

Example tech stack of various software related to customer data management

Official Social Media Accounts

Turn employees into advocates, promote official social media guidelines and give visibility into brand and customer engagement.

Example showing how Airstack enables management of company social media accounts within a tech stack

Vendor-Client Collaboration Software

Give vendors or clients immediate visibility into the tools, dashboards, data sources, past projects and metrics that drive success.

Example of a technology stack featuring vendor collaboration software tools

Break Time!

Why not? Have a little fun at work.

Example of an Airstack dashboard setup with fun applications such as YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon.

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