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Airstack Release Notes

Release date: May 15th, 2019

What’s new:

  • Cards with IP addresses and non-standard ports in the URL field can now be created.
  • Users can click on their profile button at top right and see a count and number of active sessions they have.

What’s fixed:

  • Login to F5 management interface fixed.
  • Session timer now works without intermittently prompting logged in users that their session is about to expire.
  • Card descriptions with larger than two lines now display correctly.
  • Creation of account workflow fixed to login in the newly created user rather than prompting for the password just created.
  • Cleaned up workflow for after a user deletes the master password.
  • User invitation status now displays correctly on card details.
  • Fixed intermittent error with email being sent correctly when a user creates a new organization.
  • Workspace now updates once the master password is created in the extension.
  • Replay of a video resource added to a card would display an error for users accessing a new video resource on a new card added to their stack.