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Airstack Release Notes

Release date: March 27th, 2019

What’s new:

  • Changed AirStack to Airstack
  • Integrated marketing tools to assist in the journey of new users
  • Addition of integrated chat for quick answers to questions
  • Added the reset password link
  • Improved workspace functionality


  • Reporting SSO can’t handle extra user fields
  • Users see the edit option for cards they shouldn’t be able to edit
  • “Reset Password link Invalid” message should be appropriate
  • Contributors can’t delete resources they’ve added to a card in a stack they don’t own
  • Fixed token refresh for Live Cards causing the session timeout to not work
  • In Card details, User is unable to upload file format (i.e .dxf)
  • Login – PW Reset | Expired or invalid reset link
  • (Top Nav > Alert bell) Place new alert ball on bell
  • (Stack Manager) Newly created stack ‘placement’
  • Return ownerID for custom cards
  • UX for updates to members list
  • Add signout all button back to sessions and show current session