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Airstack Release Notes

Release date: March 20th, 2019

Summary – Features & Enhancements

The following changes are introduced in this version:

  • [3374] Reduced delays when searching for cards to add to a stack
  • [3431] Fixed problem adding a video replay to a card without a note which caused the resource to now show until page refresh
  • [3473] Enhanced the error messages displayed during an authentication error
  • [3484] Fixed issue with the session time out being presented when a user has an active session
  • [3525] Updated the default Security Policy to default to NIST standards for a new organization
  • [3531] Added 30 min option to the Security: ”Automatically sign out after idle.”
  • [3557] Fixed a problem displaying a recurring meeting request in the O365 Calendar Live Card
  • [3560] Change line height on card details
  • [3569] Fixed issue with Card Details not showing added resources until a note is created
  • [3570] Fixed an incorrect user count shown on licenses page
  • [3580] Fixed styling on live cards in the service center
  • [3616] Adjusted search to show card names that match before showing ones that match the description
  • [3617] Adjusted search of the global catalog cards to load more than 25 results
  • [3630] Enhanced the algorithm in the extension for matching subdomains properly