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Airstack Release Notes

Release date: March 13th, 2019

Summary – Features & Enhancements

The following changes are introduced in this version:

  • [3008] Updated Live Cards API
  • [3046] Dragged Card disappears from the workspace when the user drags the card over another card
  • [3096] Simplify user info in the workspace
  • [3180] Fixed incorrect status for an invited user
  • [3209] Updated the messaging for an empty workspace
  • [3256] “Added Stack to Workspace” message is not displayed when a stack is added to the Workspace
  • [3257] Updated the Used By Your Organization screen and removed the overflow menu
  • [3258] Fixed navigation to an empty page when the back button is used after deleting a stack
  • [3296] Fixed problem where a duplicate stack is being created after renaming a new stack
  • [3334] Fixed stack naming to remove extra white space
  • [3335] Fixed incorrect resource count when adding a new card to a stack
  • [3337] Fixed a wrong error message when adding a custom card to the Org Catalog
  • [3341] When adding cards from (+), the search is limited to 20 cards which cause large categories to not show everything
  • [3346] Updated the 365 Live card text
  • [3353] Fixed text handling for long user names in live cards
  • [3356] Fixed the live calendar card refresh to include the latest created calendar event
  • [3372] Adjusted the default icon only to use alphanumeric characters
  • [3380] Fixed problem where the details of URL resources added to a card only showing after a page refresh
  • [3382] Fixed issue where the details of newly uploaded files to a card are only showing after a page refresh
  • [3384] Adjusted the live card refresh timers to 180 seconds for calendar events and 15 seconds for emails
  • [3391] Fixed the card details page not properly displaying when multiple users are using the same card in the same stack
  • [3394] Fixed the card details page, Edit option for notes is not shown to the contributor whenever Owner updates the resources and notes details
  • [3397] Changed the focus going on cancel button when user try to remove Card/Stack from Workspace
  • [3400] Updated the license interface page
  • [3401] Updated the process to add a card to the Org Catalog
  • [3404] Updated the messages displayed when clicking on view stack button for older stacks
  • [3405] Updated the create new accounts (Sign Up Here) process
  • [3425] Added better handling of long card names
  • [3451] Change the word AirStack to Airstack
  • [3457] Updated the settings for Cancel and Save buttons on the SETTINGS-PEOPLE screen
  • [3458] Updated the format for displaying the calendar events in live cards
  • [3465] Updated the ‘Contact Us’ to make it a hyperlink in the License page for ‘200+ Seats’
  • [3566] Fixed problem with an organization that has a comma in the name – preventing them from accessing reports