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Airstack Release Notes

Release date: April 24th, 2019

What’s new:

  • Updates to License services
  • User Search has been enhanced
  • Version 1.36.0 of the extension was released

What’s added:

  • Enhanced notification visuals
  • Fade effect to long user names
  • Hide resource count on cards in search results
  • Live Card – Improved Error messages in UI
  • Marquee for notification sender
  • Notifications red mark on bell icon is now showing whenever there is new notification arrives
  • Sorting dialog into settings user list

What’s fixed:

  • 404 error when trying to get to a stack after a user assigned was deleted
  • Ability to add users to orgs
  • Adding users from settings, when failure happens, there is a long time out before error message is shown.
  • Background color of user avatar is properly reflected when on the change password page
  • Blank space can appear on workspace with expanded card and live card
  • Card resource count doesn’t show on cards when viewing within a stack
  • Card resources counts were incorrect
  • Delete Master Password process
  • Error on registration submit” message is shown when user tries to sign up for a new organization
  • Extension detection of login page on AT&T site
  • Modifying card in stack when not the owner generates a 404 error
  • Sign up Here: User is unable to Login into application when user sends with updated email address
  • When expanding a card in search, it will push the row of cards below it down, leaving an empty space
  • Change “organization” to “org”
  • Credential fixes for Amazon and Eventbrite auto fill
  • Error on creating a new Organization
  • Message shown for Custom card validation instead of “Error creating Custom card”