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How Airstack Works

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Set up your org and map out your stack

Set up an Airstack account for your business or team. Then find apps to add to your stack, and we’ll automatically pull in logos, descriptions and links. (You can also add apps manually if they’re internal or not in our database).

Share the stack with team members

Help people stay on the same page about what tools you use and when and how to use them. It’s great for rolling out new technology or onboarding new employees, vendors and clients.

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Work together to share expertise

You and the team can share anything you all need to know about any app. Attach files, add links to reports, record and play back videos, upload screenshots, add notes – all that critical expertise you’re developing now has a home.

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Invite more teams to create and share stacks

You can bring in other people to set up stacks for their team and give visibility to others into what they’re using – kind of like an org chart for software.