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Airstack makes it easy for teams to organize and share digital tools across the business so everyone can get visibility into what apps you have and how to use them, whether you work from home or an office.

Video conferencing tools included.

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Video Conferencing Capabilities for members of LenovoPRO

Airstack’s built-in conferencing feature empowers you to collaborate from geographically dispersed offices or work-from-home environments by sharing your webcam or screen and even lets you record meetings.

Introducing Airstack, so you can get your teams and your tools on the same page.

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How it works

Create a company account and start adding apps

Organize your digital tools into an internal app catalog or stacks to share with others. Airstack will automatically pull in logos, links and descriptions for tens of thousands of apps.

Invite team members to collaborate

Get everyone on the same page about your tech by inviting them to see what you have, and share what they have with others.


Work together to store expertise

Add everything you need to know about any app - SaaS subscription management data, employee training, links to reports, video walkthroughs. All that critical expertise now has a home.

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Invite more teams for full visibility

Airstack gets better as more and more teams join in. Get total visibility into what's in your tech stack - kind of like an org chart for your software.

Why Airstack?

Easily share tools, data and resources with vendors or clients

Onboard people and rollout new technology in days not months

Lower costs and audit your stack with our SaaS subscription management tools

Keep in-house digital expertise from walking out the door

And, with free conferencing,
your team and tools are on the same page.

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