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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way work happens with recent research showing digital adoption has vaulted forward by five years in just eight weeks. According to a recent global study conducted by Lenovo, an overwhelming majority of professionals expect that the way they work has forever changed. Half of employees expect to work from home more than previously even after things return to normal. So, how can teams recapture the collaborative spirit of standing around a whiteboard if some or all of your team members are remote? 

Our team at Lenovo Software has been working remotely for the last five years, so we put together a few suggestions on how to facilitate a collaborative working environment – no matter where your team members are located.  

  1. Whiteboard apps
    The most straight forward starting point for creating a virtual whiteboard experience is through virtual whiteboard tools. Apps such as LimnuStormboard, AWWWhiteboard Fox, Conceptboardand InVision Freehand enable distributed teams to collaborate and contribute freely.
  2. Project stacks
    We recommend using Airstack to organize all of the information for a project. Create a stack  to act like a virtual folder that can be shared with everyone on the project. Use cards to link to any relevant apps and custom cards to link to shared files or any other helpful URLsYou can also easily add notes, files,, and short videos to any card so that all the information you need is at your fingertips.
  3. Shared files
    For more structured information, groupeditable online files such as Google Docs and Office 365 are ideal. Whether you are drafting a new document, tracking a project, reviewing an expense report, or revising a presentation, shared files are key to remote collaboration. Save yourself time and headache by creating direct links to those files in Airstack by either creating a custom card or adding a URL resource to an existing card.
  4. Meetings
    Whiteboard apps and shared files are great, but often, you still need a conversation to align teams and to ensure everyone is on the same page. A meeting with screen sharing makes collaboration faster and smoother, especially when it’s browser-based with no download required. Not happy with your current meeting tool? Airstack has meetings built right in.
  5. Check-ins
    When you’ve been accustomed to seeing your team each day in an office,  the worst part of working remotely can be feeling disconnected from your colleaguesTo combat this, use chat, audio, or video, to check in with your team daily. Some teams keep a daily call on the calendar to ensure this communication happens, but if your team doesn’t, simply take a few minutes each day to reach out to your coworkers to touch base. 

Shifting from an in-person culture to a remote culture can be a difficult process but making that shift results in a more flexible team that is better positioned to overcome whatever hurdles the future holds. To see how Airstack can help you with this transition, sign up for a free trial now.