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Hiring new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process, but even after the the hiring process is complete your work is far from done.

To drive employee engagement and kickstart productivity it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the critical next step – onboarding those employees and ensuring they understand (and use!) your company’s technologies.

Those first few days and weeks are a critical time for your new hires.  According to Glassdoor, they are still figuring out workflows and how to execute their responsibilities and establish relationships. But in today’s digital-driven workplace, they’re also struggling to acclimate to new software.

Drinking from the Tech Fire Hose

It can take months for a new hire to figure out what tools your business uses and which ones are relevant to them, and even longer to learn the ropes of how each one works. It’s like drinking from a fire hose.

New recruits sit through multiple training sessions and get hand-held by other team members, until they are up-to-speed and comfortable with the technology your business depends on.

Even as they move beyond those first few weeks, there are other obstacles that new hires must navigate. For instance, they might end up absorbing too much information in those first few weeks and forget half of what they were taught, causing them to try and dig around for archived webinars or Powerpoints.

They may also encounter another roadblock typical of companies that invest heavily in software-as-a-service (SaaS) – distributed responsibility for those apps across the organization. SaaS solutions are easier than ever to procure. As we’ve written about previously, anyone with a need can buy and set-up an app in minutes with little thought to how the purchase aligns with the wider goals of your business or whether a similar app is already in use by another person or department.

At first, everything is overwhelming at a new company.

Illustration of a spray of tech logos heading toward a person

Don’t add to the confusion with a messy tech stack.

Because these apps are procured and used in silos, it’s hard for you and, by extension, your new hires to know what’s in your tech toolkit. Everyone needs a better way to visualize and access the solutions that your company’s teams are using.

Take New Employee Onboarding from Months to Days

A useful first step is to spend some time organizing your digital tools into an internal app catalog or stack. By mapping technology to functions, such as marketing, content management, sales enablement, etc., you and your new hires can see every element of your entire SaaS or cloud ecosystem, including who uses it and the expertise needed to become a pro with each tool.

Taking it a step further, you could  group together every SaaS app your company uses – from Salesforce to GitHub – into a centralized, dashboard view for easy access by new hires and seasoned employees alike. Then add documents, screenshots, training videos, and other resources, so that new hires can learn at their own pace without hunting down learning materials across siloed apps.

Sales teams especially need easy visibility, quick access daily and training resources at their fingertips.

sales development enablement tech stack

Example of how you could map out a sales tech stack on Airstack.

About 20 percent of employees leave within their first 45 days employment.

But if you equip your new hires with training, and a collaborative environment for sharing apps, they’ll have the tools and information they need to do their job more effectively from the get-go, which in turn increases engagement and helps them reach their potential faster.

These are the core features that a tool like Airstack provides. Airstack is a smarter, more productive way to manage the software your company relies on. We like to think of it as an “org chart for your software” that helps you organize your tools, centralize expertise, and get smarter about the investments your company makes. Read more in 3 Ways AirStack will Change Your Business.

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