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Have you heard? After much hard work, research, and development, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of AirStack—a smarter, more productive way to manage the software your company relies on. Some like to call it “tech stack management,” but we like to think of it as an “org chart for your software” that helps you organize your tools, centralize expertise, and get smarter about the investments your company makes. (Can’t picture it? Check out how it works.)

But staying organized is just one of the benefits AirStack brings to modern businesses. As new start-ups form and more companies undergo digital transformation, the reliance on and procurement of new SaaS is overwhelming. In fact, just one year from now, 73% of organizations say they will run almost entirely on SaaS. Maintaining an efficient tech stack and being able to analyze its performance is crucial for achieving the return on investment you desire for each new SaaS tool you obtain.

AirStack has the power to change your business in multiple ways, whether in the way you maintain and secure new tech or in how your internal teams function and achieve goals together. Here are just three of the ways AirStack will change your business for the better.

Increased Collaboration Between Teams

The tech your company uses is relatively straightforward—until you start to account for the people using it. The ease with which individuals can now purchase new tech inside the organization may be good for productivity, but it’s total chaos for those who manage it. Who’s using what? How much money is being spent to deploy it? Are you purchasing more subscriptions than you need?

One of the reasons AirStack is so pivotal is that it helps you map your entire stack, including who uses it and the expertise it takes to succeed at it. The more you can reach across departments to unite employees, share expertise, and keep lines of communication open, the better positioned you’ll be to maximize the full potential of the tech you’ve invested in.

Airstack allows you to share information and expertise seamlessly across your teams and users by bringing everything you use to one place.

Our stack: CMS, design, social, organization


AirStack allows you to add documents, screenshots, training videos, and other resources so app expertise is shared, not siloed. With everything your teams need to know in one place, you can:

  • Onboard new employees faster.
  • Increase knowledge among all users.
  • Grow expertise to more swiftly outrun the competition.

Improved ROI on Software

When your organization is “overgrown” with apps, it’s hard to know which ones are really performing and which ones could stand to be cut. The business is at risk of overspending, overprovisioning, and overlapping app features and subscriptions. But with a full list at hand, it’s easier to take a critical look at which apps have the highest potential for lasting ROI.

AirStack helps you save money by shining a light on the tools and expertise that existing teams/people need to get up to speed faster, onboarding new team members sooner, and eliminating subscription/tool overlap. But more than saving money, AirStack allows you to:

  1. Find the right tools you need for each task and use them to their fullest potential.
  2. View your entire network of apps as a whole and strategize for future growth and investments.
  3. Justify the spend you’re currently allocating, keeping teams aware, accountable, and in collaboration.

More Strategic Investments for Future Growth

To truly change your business, you must not only consider your present tools and processes, but begin to plan for the future. AirStack provides full visibility into what’s being spent, who’s using what, and which tools are leading to real returns in order to more easily (and confidently) determine where to focus your spend moving forward. Already, the amount of available marketing technology on the market today exceeds 6,800 separate apps. As more are released, knowing what’s working (or not working) about your software will help you justify your current investments or seek out better alternatives.

Plus, AirStack allows you to build a framework around the apps you employ and the key stakeholders who manage them. When roles are defined and structured in a tiered manner, tech management becomes easier, processes are better understand, and communication happens more frequently.

Concentric circles, from innermost to outermost: tech players, tech managers, tech owners, tech gatekeepers

Start Stacking Smarter

While your current tech stack management process (if any) may get the job done now, consider this: the SaaS landscape will only continue to grow. From content marketing stacks to sales dev stacks to finance and more, every part of the business is becoming SaaS-based. With that many apps to oversee throughout the company, can you manage the spend? Prevent overlap? Maintain ROI of each and every tool? AirStack provides a smarter, more efficient way to manage the chaos with a model that fine-tunes your stack for easier handling, better decision-making, and future growth.

To get started, download the 2019 Guide to Tech Stack Management or register for early access.