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jenga martech stack

Steady. Steady. Inhale. Exhale.

One wrong move and it all comes tumbling down. One right move and they’ll applaud your skill and careful calculation.

You’re measuring the outcome of every action. If I move this piece, what will gravity do? If I move that piece, what risk am I exposing?

Of course, we’re talking about Jenga. And your marketing technology stack.

Replace “blocks” with “apps, and Jenga is a great visual metaphor for the growing complexity of all the digital tools and how you’re working to piece them together,

But Jenga is just a game played with friends. Nothing too big at stake.

Your tech stack, however, can give you the power to disrupt your industry, outpace competitors and hit the exponential growth you’re looking for.

Steady. Steady. Inhale. Exhale.

Ready to play?

Transfer your data from one CRM to another. Tie campaign attribution to your customer lifetime value. Stack an ABM tool on top of your marketing automation tool and integrate it with Google Analytics.

Piece by piece, the stakes get higher. And every move is more important than the last.

So what’s to be learned from this?


Here are 6 things Jenga can teach you about your Martech stack

1. From order comes chaos.
At the beginning, every piece is in its right place. But as you get more and more advanced, trying to oust your competitor, the simple becomes complex.

Such is Martech, the bigger the stack, the more hands in it, the more strategic you have to be to control the chaos.


2. The easy route looks very attractive.
Tap, tap, tap on the corner piece and it slips right out and you feel like a genius. But it may expose weaknesses that you come to regret.

It can be super easy to go out, read a blog post about a sweet new app that looks like it has a nice UI, is freemium and helps you do your job. But smart marketing technologists will look up, down, left and right (Sabra’s favorite quote) before simply solving one’s own problem.


3. When you first start playing, every move is inconsequential.
The taller the tower gets, the more untouchable the blocks at the base get. Just like your business apps—if you wait too long to do anything with them, eventually they’ll be untouchable, hindering your business’s ability to grow.

In Martech, integrations and data especially become more important with every tool you add. Modern organizations are starting to buy only tools that can integrate and share data with each other.


4. There are a dozen moves, but no right move.
Sometimes you have to follow your gut, make a quick decision and see where it takes you. Analysis paralysis can just slow you down.

We’ve heard teams spend months trying to decide what new marketing tool to use, be it a chat bot, project management system, A/B testing tool. But guess what – they still don’t have any of them. Sometimes you just have to dive in.


5. You can see the breaking point right in front of you.
You know the crash is coming but there’s often nothing you can do about it. In Jenga, if you can see the breaking point, you can strategically place pieces on the top to ensure it won’t all come down.

In marketing, sometimes you know that what you’re going to do is going to cause problems but you can’t avoid it. Need leads but you know your lead scoring, CRM campaign configuration or routing rules are whack? You still gotta go get those leads.


6. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to rebuild it.
Every game of Jenga ends the same way with friends laughing and putting pieces back together.

And thus it is with Martech. Over time disruption and shiny new objects will come to cause your former opinion of your Martech stack to come tumbling. Don’t get too attached, and make plans for what you’ll do when it’s time to start the game over again.


It all may sound a bit ominous, but it’s the reality of marketing technology today. Every Jenga game, like every day, is different. New challenges arise with every new opportunity. The business relies on your every move. And man isn’t it an adrenaline-pumping ride along the way.