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Illustration showing disorganized technology next to organized tech stack

What is a tech stack — and why do you need it?

Software suites. Digital platforms. Marketing “stuff.” No matter what you call it, your company is using a stack of technology. But do you have a manageable tech stack? Let’s take a look…

The tech stack takes your full array of technology and transforms it into one cohesive unit that lets people see how all those different solutions work together to drive growth. Think of it as an organizational chart for your software: Tech stacks communicate the relationship between your digital tools and your critical business functions, serving as the foundation for uniting people and driving company success.

Whether you’ve been officially charged with aligning your tech to business strategies or have assumed this responsibility over time, your role is an imperative one. And if you haven’t yet defined who’s going to take the reins of tech stack management, now’s the time.

Stack Smarter. Go Farther.

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